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Translation Company London

With our head office located in the heart of London, Universal Language Solutions is regarded as a leading translation company of London. We deliver super fast, 100% accurate translation rates at affordable rates. Our friendly and highly experienced staff is here to take care of all your translation requirements. Have a query? Just send it to us and we will get going.

With an excellent team of translators and interpreters, we at Universal Language Solutions are one of the best 
translation company in London. Our translators are skilled in translating documents for specific industries. So a translator who is skilled in translating business documents, will only translate business documents and not medical patents. This ensures high quality translations as these translators have tremendous knowledge about terminologies and related jargon. Further years of translation experience helps in delivering flawless translations, fit for all purposes in London and abroad.

Translation Company London

It is the basic essence of a translation, that the underlying meaning of a source text should remain deeply ingrained in the target text, along with the cultural elements of the target language which become one of the main attributes of a translation. Such decisions that a translator makes during translation are crucial for the successful translation of the Source Text. Depending on the purpose of a translation, a translator makes many decisions related to the words and structure of sentences. Being highly professional and experienced we understand the difference, even the slightest inaccuracy in translation can make. Through many years of experience our team of 
professional translators brings out the very best in every translation project we take up.

Professional translators are native translators who have strong knowledge of the target language and a very good understanding of both the source and target cultures.
Translation agencies that provide professional translation services often have separate teams of translation experts, proof readers, editors and project managers. 

In addition to
translation services we also provide Simultaneous Interpreting and a wide range of other Interpreting services. While a translator translates written texts from a source language into target language, an interpreter translates oral speech or sign language from the source language into the target language.

We provide expert translation services for a wide variety of industries and languages, which includes:

Business Translation

Business Translation Services

E-commerce Translation

IT & Telecommunication Translations

Gaming Translation

Legal Translation

Life Sciences Translation

Marketing Translation

Medical Translation

Oil, Gas and Energy Translation

Arabic Translation Services

Bulgarian Translation Services

Chinese Translation Services

Dutch Translation Services

English Translation Services

Farsi Translation Services

German Translation Services

Greek Translation Services

Italian Translation Services

Japanese Translation Services

Korean Translation Services

Polish Translation Services

Portuguese Translation Services



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