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Norwegian Business Translation

The ever-changing world is increasingly globalized – whether yours is a corporation with multi-national divisions or an organisation with overseas staff, clients or suppliers, you’re likely to have a need at some point for translation services. High quality translation into or from Norwegian can, therefore, be a significant advantage when communicating with Norwegian speaking people. At Universal Language Solutions we have experienced Norwegian language specialists who offer Norwegian translation services either from Norwegian into any of a wide range of other languages, or into written Norwegian, again from numerous other languages. We also provide proofreading services in which our translators check documents and correct any mistakes to spelling, grammar and wording.

Our commercial translators are professional linguists who have been meticulously selected to cope with the demands of a fast-moving international business environment. We understand if you need a translation, you probably need it now, so we operate quickly and efficiently to ensure a speedy turnaround. We also understand that your reputation depends upon the quality of your materials, so exceptional accuracy and translations that convey your key messages appropriately come as standard.

Our commercial Norwegian translation service deals with all types of material including:

Our native-speaker commercial translators are experienced in translating for different audiences within business and will use the correct terminology so that it is reaches the target audience, whether internal or external. Our streamlined service means they will work with in-house proofreaders and desktop publishing team according to your specific project.

You are in good hands at Universal Language Solutions. Our team of professional in-house and freelance linguists all have expert accreditation and are well trained and highly skilled at what they do. Whether it’s a big or small job, we take pride in our work and always deliver work of the highest standard.

The Norwegian Language

Spoken by more than 5 million native speakers, Norwegian is a North Germanic language which belongs to the Indo-European family of languages. It is the official language of Norway and the Nordic Council. Norwegian is written using the Norwegian variant of the Latin alphabet. It consists of 29 letters. The Norwegian vocabulary has many loanwords from languages such as Danish, Swedish, German (Middle Low) and English.

As leaders in Norwegian translations we specialize in Business translation for all major Industries, which includes:

We provide expert translation services for over 200 major Languages, which includes:

We also provide Norwegian translation services for:

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Norwegian Business translation services

How do you charge for translations?

We charge a “per word” rate. The rate per word depends on the language combination, complexity of the subject matter and the turnaround time you require.

How do I count the words in my document?

Doing a word count can be tricky, especially if your document contains pictures with embedded text or you have a PDF. The easiest way to get a word count is to send us all of your documents and let us do the word count for you. We have advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) programs that can do word counts on any document or image and in any language, including Asian and Middle Eastern languages. Alternatively, if you’re working from a Word for Windows document that contains only text, Microsoft Word 2007 shows the word count in the lower left-hand side of the application.

How long will it take to translate my document?

We endeavor always to meet our client deadlines. For very large projects we will assign as many translators as required to ensure the deadline is met.

What method should I use to send my documents, and how do you send them back?

The best way to send the document(s) is to email us a copy of your document, or to upload it using our free quotation form. Alternatively you can send your document by fax or a photocopy by post. We are able to receive both PC and Mac formats, although our staff and administrators mostly use PC-based systems. We can send you your completed translations in any format and by any method you require.

Why an online translation service?

Quite simply to save you time and money! Who has the time nowadays to carry documents up and down the UK for a translation? It is obviously much more comfortable to upload a document or email it as an attachment without leaving your home or office.

Can I deliver/collect the documents in person?

We offer online translation services, but on rare occasions where a document is extremely urgent some clients do come in person to collect their material. However, it is much more practical to deliver documents using our website or by email, or post, where these options are viable.

How much do I have to pay extra for the translation to be posted to my address?

The answer is short: Nothing at all. The cost of sending the translation by First Class Royal Mail is included in the price of service.

In special cases, for a £15 surcharge we can use the Royal Mail Special Delivery service, whereby the delivery is guaranteed on the next working day after posting

Who performs the translation?

We use our in-house translators who specialise in western European languages. For any other combinations we have a team of high quality, certified, freelance translators with impeccable credentials and extensive experience. They are responsive, talented, trustworthy and 100% committed professionals with whom we have built and established a solid working relationship over time.

How do you ensure your translations are accurate?

All Universal Language Solutions Ltd translations are accurate. We have designed our quality control system to allow each team member to perform their functions in real time, supporting each other’s specialized functions, checking each other’s work, sharing terminology databases and research. Continuous process improvements are built in. Our project management system adapts to the needs of any project, bringing in different and complementary skill sets as required.

How do you enforce confidentiality?

We recognise that legal translations require absolute confidentiality. Every team member who handles your document signs (1) an in-house corporate non-disclosure agreement, and (2) a project-by-project confidentiality agreement. Our project management system allows us to control exactly who has access to your documents, and levels of access are adjusted according to the role of the authorised team member.

Is a more expensive translation necessarily a better one?

In this industry, as in many others, it is usually true that you get what you pay for. When hiring a reputable company (like Universal Language Solutions Ltd) for a translation project, you are paying for their extensive resources and experience. If you care about the quality of your project, you should care about the quality of the translation. A poorly-executed translation will do more than just confuse its intended recipients, it might also destroy your professional reputation.



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