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London has more translation agencies than you can think of. So choosing the right one for your specific translation needs is definitely a tough call, one which you will eventually have to make. When all translation agencies are pretty much making the same promises, how does Universal Language Solutions stand out? Right from the first moment when you contact us, till the point of delivery of a translation, we understand and fulfill your requirements with utmost prudence and experience.

Premium quality French translations and complete customer satisfaction are our main goals. Our team consists of some of the best French translators who use cutting technologies to provide speedy French translations with 100% accuracy. In addition the French proofreading teams thoroughly reviews the translated document and ensures that the final translated document has the same meaning/impact as the source document and is completely error-free. For an excellent customer experience our customer service team provides seamless communication at all times and aims to build long term relationships with the clients.

We provide the following French translation services

French App Localization

App localization is the process of translating an application into different languages. We provide best French App localization services, to match all your requirements and go beyond your expectations. While Google paid apps are available to users in 136 countries, applications in the Apple Store are available in over 150 different countries. Many market studies have been conducted by top app development companies to measure the impact of mobile app localization. Some studies claim that app localization can result in a month on month increase in downloads by over 500%. Localizing your app for all the countries where French language is widely supported will definitely help in improving your reach, creating a more personalized user experience and increasing the number of downloads.

French Certified Translation

Documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, contracts, employment certificates, patent documentation, legal documents such as judgments, decisions, criminal records, verdicts, etc. are often required for official usage. If any such document that was originally written in French is required for official purposes in the UK, you would need a formal certified English or Welsh translation of such document. We specialize and have extensive experience in providing French certified translation services. Our highly skilled and experienced teams of French translators are capable of providing specialized French certified translation services fit for all official purposes in the UK.

French Desktop Publishing

A wide variety of French documents requiring translation might have a complex layout, with rich imagery or graphics. In addition to translation services, these documents also require professional desktop publishing. While translating such documents, quality translation is just half the story, making the document look as compelling and usable as the original version is the next important part. Our French desktop publishing team consists of expert French desktop publishers, designers working hand-in-hand with a professional team of French translators, editors and proofreaders.

French Document Translation

We have a team of highly experienced French translators that provide best French document translation services in the United Kingdom. We offer 100% accurate and fast translation services at very competitive prices. We translate a large variety of documents from French to other languages and from other languages into French. Our team of French translators are subject matter experts belonging to various fields such as Automotive, Business, E-Commerce, Engineering, Gaming, IT Telecommunications, Legal, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Marketing, Media & Entertainment, Medical, Public Sector, Travel & Tourism, Oil, Gas & Energy. We have strict confidentiality norms and give high importance to customer service and customer satisfaction. Our customized French document translation services have helped many businesses gitem and successfully reach out to a French speaking population.

French Copywriting services

We provide best French copywriting services, to match all your requirements and go beyond your expectations. Our multilingual copywriting services are very useful in today’s global business and professional environment. Businesses use our French copywriting services for translating Websites and applications, Stakeholder communications, Social media, Blogs, Brochures, Press releases, Adverts and other marketing materials. Before starting a project our French copywriters will identify the target audience, understand the tone of voice to be used and the key messages to be conveyed, and then create a compelling well-written document.

French Website Localization

If you are looking for high quality French website translation services at affordable rates then you have reached the right place. We at Universal Language Solutions provide expert French translation services for various web properties like e-commerce applications, websites and landing pages. To engage with French website visitors you need to communicate with them in their language, dialect and in cultural terms they understand. Our professional French website translators besides selecting the right words in target language, will also take into consideration other factors related to culture, religion, customs, etc.

French Interpreting services

We are a leading French Interpreting service provider, trusted by top companies in UK and around the globe. We provide best French interpreting services, to match all your requirements and go beyond your expectations. French interpreting services are often required to facilitate communication between two or more persons during meetings, training, interviews, court hearings, news conferences, immigration services, business communication or other group situations. We provide specialized French interpreting services such as Simultaneous Interpreting, Consecutive Interpreting, Whispering Interpreting, Conference Interpreting, Court Interpreting, Telephone Interpreting and Liaison or bilateral interpreting.

Some more French translation services we provide:

French Multilingual SEO & PPC

French Multilingual Social Media

French Multilingual Voiceover

French Proofreading

French Subtitling Services

French Technical Translation

French Transcreation

French Transcription

A little about the French Language

French belongs to the Romance family of languages, which itself is part of the Indo-European languages. French is a widely spoken language across the world and holds the status of an official language in 29 countries. Countries where French is an official language (in the order of highest to lowest population) are Democratic Republic of the Congo, France, Canada, Madagascar, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Niger, Burkina Faso, Mali, Senegal, Chad, Guinea, Rwanda, Belgium, Burundi, Benin, Haiti, Switzerland, Togo, Central African Republic, Republic of the Congo, Gabon, Djibouti, Equatorial Guinea, Comoros, Luxembourg, Vanuatu, Seychelles and Monaco.

As a leading French translation agency we specialize in French translation of all types of document belonging to all the major Industries, which includes:






IT Telecommunications


Life Sciences



Media & Entertainment


Oil, Gas, Energy

Public Sector

Travel & Tourism

We provide expert French translation services for over 200 major Languages, which includes:

Arabic Translation

Bulgarian Translation

Chinese Translation

Dutch Translation

Farsi Translation

German Translation

Greek Translation

Italian Translation

Japanese Translation

Korean Translation

Polish Translation

Portuguese Translation

Punjabi Translation

Russian Translation

Spanish Translation

Swedish Translation

Turkish Translation

We want you to have a great Translation experience, so you keep coming back to us whenever the need arises. We have proved this by providing a great service to our clients and this is exactly what our clients also speak regarding our translation services.

“I am delighted with the turnaround time and the quality/accuracy of your work.”

– Peter Harris, PHA Communications

“Universal Language Solutions has become our one-stop shop for all our translation and voice-over needs because of their quick, accurate and professional service at a competitive price.”

– Ole Henriksen, CEO, Buildpod International Ltd., Guernsey

“We’ve been working with Universal Language Solutions for a couple of years now and the company always provides perfect translations, quickly and efficiently. I would certainly recommend and will continue recommending Universal Language Solutions.”

– Gerusa Fernandez, Legal representative for Sterling Law & Associates, London

“Universal Language Solutions offers an accurate, timely and efficient professional service. Having Universal Language Solutions as a service provider is a guarantee of quality and an excellent service at a fair price.”

– Diogo Brehsan, Legal adviser for LB Consultants Ltd., London



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