We’ve worked with Universal Language Solutions on a number of web projects for the last few years now and have no hesitation in recommending them to supply fast and accurate translations across multi-languages. Offering a friendly and professional service they are a pleasure to work with.

Michael Lopatis

Senior Store Manager

Universal Music (Digital Stores)


Transcreation is a growing concept in marketing, moving beyond translating words from one language to another towards transporting a message into another language without losing the style, tone, context and meaning.

It’s a process that requires an appreciation of marketing as well as linguistic and translation skills and, critically, an understanding of cultures, local beliefs, values, heritage and even the humour of target audiences.

Far from creating an homogenised message, it takes into account the expectations of local markets but at the same time is designed to evoke the same emotional response among customers. At Universal Language Solutions, our transcreation experts know how to achieve this, reaching hearts and minds.

With our expertise, your business will be a leader in cross-cultural marketing; without us, you could make devastating blunders that take years to correct.

To achieve the very best outcome for clients, we deploy:

  • Native language speakers with in depth knowledge of the target culture or country who can relate to your customers;
  • Translators with excellent language and translation skills with the ability to adapt text appropriately;
  • Excellent copywriters with an understanding of marketing techniques who work with clients to develop an empathy with their brand;
  • Translators who to support clients with local knowledge of different cultures to remove any errors of barriers to effective communications with foreign audiences and to maximise cultural references.


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