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Croatian Technical Translation

Technical documents extensively use complex technical terminology and their translation requires expert translators who are industry specialists as well. At Universal Language Solutions we understand the complex requirements of translating technical documents and provide high quality Croatian translation of all technical documents regardless of their industry, the complexity of its content or its layout.

Breaking the language barrier is your key to effective communication. When it comes to technical translation, 100% accuracy is very important and the slightest mistake can have a detrimental effect on your reputation. In case of grave mistakes it can seriously harm the target audience as well. A carefully crafted technical translation requires highly skilled translation expertise. Our technical translation team consists of highly experienced native translators belonging to a range of industries. They are technical translation experts and are well versed with complex technical documents.

We provide translation of all technical documents to and from Croatian for over 200 major languages. Be that a technical specification document or a patent, our expert Croatian translators will review each and every aspect of the document and create comprehensive glossaries at the start of any translation project. This helps us in maintaining overall perfection and consistency when translating complex repetitive terms. Once the translation is complete our proof reading team thoroughly revises all technical translations, word by word. We ensure that your technical documents are properly translated and can be easily understood by wide spectra of target audience.

We offer quality driven, affordable, safe, secure and completely confidential Croatian technical translation services. Our teams of professional in-house and freelance linguists have expert accreditation and are well trained and highly skilled at what they do. We offer a customized service that takes into consideration your needs. Whether it’s a big or small job, we take pride in our work and always deliver work of the highest standard.

Few Technical Documents we translate

Technical specifications
Contracts & Proposals
Marketing material
Journal literature
Training material
Technical drawings
Installation instructions
Invitations to tender
Maintenance guides
Operating and commissioning manuals
Patent documentation
User manuals
Service and repair instructions
Training documentation
Warranty conditions
Project Plans
Scoping Documentation
Technical Glossaries
Design Blueprints (including CAD)
Health and Safety documents

A little about the Croatian Language

Croatian is spoken by a little over 5.5 million people, mainly in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Serbian province of Vojvodina and the neighbouring countries. Croatian belongs to the South Slavonic group of languages. Other South Slavonic languages are Bosnian, Serbian, Bulgarian, Macedonian and Slovene. The Croatian alphabet consists of thirty phonemes, one letter for each sound. The pronunciation of these letters is constant, which means that it does not vary with its position in a word. There is no absolute rule regarding stressed syllables in the Croatian language, except for one that it is never the final syllable. However in polysyllabic words the stressed syllable is generally the first syllable.

Croatian does not have any articles. The Croatian vocabulary consists of many words related to one another. Most Croatian verbs have two forms, the imperfective and the perfective. Like nouns and adjectives, the pronouns too have different forms depending on their function in a sentence. Every Croatian noun has a gender, which can be masculine, feminine or neuter, which also determines its declension. While most masculine nouns end in a consonant, some masculine nouns end in -o or -e after a soft consonant. The great majority of feminine nouns end in -a. For these nouns the nominative plural ending is -e. A few feminine nouns end in a consonant. For these nouns the nominative plural ending is -i.

As leaders in Croatian Technical translation we specialize in Croatian translation of all types of technical documents for all major Industries, which includes:

We provide expert technical Croatian translation services for over 200 major Languages, which includes:

  1. Bulgarian Translation
  2. Chinese Translation
  3. Dutch Translation
  4. English Translation
  5. Farsi Translation
  6. German Translation
  7. Greek Translation
  8. Italian Translation
  9. Japanese Translation
  10. Korean Translation
  11. Polish Translation
  12. Portuguese Translation
  13. Punjabi Translation
  14. Russian Translation
  15. Spanish Translation
  16. Swedish Translation
  17. Turkish Translation

We also provide Croatian translation services for:



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