Universal Language Solutions

Specialists in Document Translation, Certified Translation and Interpreting services

Document translation - Depending on your needs, we have a number of professional translation services to call upon. If for example, you require medical translation or legal translations, which could have far-reaching consequences if the document translation is not 100% correct, we have the solution.


Certified Translation -  We offer certified translation services as one of our specialities, which is not always the case in your average translation company. A certified translation is an official translation which is used very extensively in the UK in order to use official documents at home and abroad.


Interpreting Services - For top level interpreting services in businesses of all types and sizes, it is necessary to have direct and clear communications technology. Our successful comprehensive interpreting services to our business clients. On very short notice, our translation company can provide you and your business with expert interpreting services


Our Clients Say it Best

       We have always used Universal Language Solutions and have never experienced any issues. They translate all the languages we need at an affordable price. I can certainly recommend this company’s translation services.
       We've been working with Universal Language Solutions for a couple of years now and the company always provides perfect translations, quickly and efficiently. I would certainly recommend and will continue recommending Universal Language Solutions.
      Universal Language Solutions offers an accurate, timely and efficient professional service. Having Universal Language Solutions as a service provider is a guarantee of quality and an excellent service at a fair price.

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